The Geocatalog

The GeoCatalog window extends the project manager concept available in many GIS application. The GeoCatalog is a shared application that allows you to organize and access all GIS data.

The GeoCatalog includes tools to  :

       - browse various datasources (raster, vector, from flat file or database, WMS),

       - create filters to classify the entries

       - store a collection of  SLD files (not yet available)

The DataSources node in the catalog tree contains a list of datasources opened by GDMS. The user can :

       - obtain more information about a branch by displaying the data table,

       - with a right-click, add or delete a datasource,

       - drag and drop datasources in the TOC in order to display it in the Map.

More details on the Geocatalog

Suite : The Geocognition

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