Thematic analyses

In the "Legend editor", you also have the possibility of realizing thematic analyses. Various modes of representations are available, according to the data which you have to represent.

First of all, click on "+" in the toolbar of the window "Legend edition"   

A new window appears. Then you have to select the type of thematic analysis.


- Unique symbol: all the objects have the same appearance.

- Value classification : All the objects which have the same value, for a given field, have the same appearance.

- Interval classification : The representation of objects is going to be a function of intervals, calculated on a given field. The calculation can proceed of various mathematical models.

- Proportional point: circle whose size varies according to the values of a field.

- Label : display the value of a field, for each object.

After having select an analysis, you just have to parameter it.

Example :

Example with "value classification" to make a difference between the french region (these classification will be on the field called "CODE_REG"):

To begin, select the field in the drop-down list.

1- select the field in the drop-down list

2- click on "Add all", and "OK"

Result :

Be careful, for the various proposed analyses, the list of the available fields is a function of the type of analysis and especially the type of fields.

For example, the proportional circles can carry only on numeric fields - > the fields of type text, are not available in the drop-down list.

Remove an analysis :

To remove an analysis, you just have to select it and to click on "-" in the toolbar


Remark : If you create several analyses, they will be shown in the map, in a superimposed way, in the order shown in the "Edition legend" window.

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