Open a WMS

To open a WMS in OrbisGIS, go in the Geocatalog and make a right-click. Then choose "Add / File / WMS Source"

In the Server URL enter the URL of the WMS (Here we will illustrates with : ) and click on "Connect"

OrbisGIS has found the WMS. Click on "Next" to continue.

Then select the layer which you want to load in OrbisGIS

Remarks :

       - The left part allows you to select layers

       - The central part allows you to load or to unload layers in the right part

       - The right part allows you to visualize the selected layers and to manage the order of display with arrows

Click on "Next" to continue and to choose the layer's projection

Remarks. :        

       - The projections are in the EPSG projection's system. To find the correspondence with your zone of study, go on the official web site of the EPSG :

       - The equivalent of "Lambert II Etendu" is the EPSG:27582

Click on "Finish" -> your layers are in the Geocatalog. Then drag & drop them into the TOC.

At first, you just see the layer "Sentiers_littoraux" but not "Ortholittorale_nb". That's because "Ortholittorale_nb" is not configure to be display at this scale.

So make Zoom+ until the layer appears.

Before Zoom+

After Zoom+

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