Run a workspace (project) in OrbiGIS

First time you start the OrbisGIS application you need to specify a workspace. The workspace is a folder used to store all your customization in the graphic interface of the user and the temporary datasources create during the processing.

After clicking on "OK", accept when a message ask you if you want to create the new folder (here : .../OrbiGis)

Remarks :

       - You can modify the name of your workspace

       - You can work with many workspace... for various uses

       - When you exit OrbisGIS, click in the arrow in the top-left on your screen. A new window appears and ask you to confirm that you want to exit. Then a second window ask you if you want to save your workspace.

       - If you want to start a new project, click on "File" in the menu bar and select "Change workspace".

Suite : Open a Map

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