SQL query

Based on GDMS, OrbisGIS contains an SQL Console which allows the user to manage and to treat spatial data (vector and raster) and alphanumeric.

To execute an SQL Query, you have to go in the SQL Console (if it is not yet open, go in "View" (in the menu bar) and select "SQL Console").

When you write an instruction in the SQL console, the following tools appears:

Execute the query

Erase the query

Open a query in .sql

Save the query in a .sql file

The SQL Console is the privileged zone to use the SQL instructions. It is very important to note that:

       - The user can write several instructions in the continuation by separating them by ";".

       - The instruction is executed on a datasource which can be a layer in the TOC either a data loaded in the Geocatalog.

Remark : You can edit .sql files very easily like a text file (.txt)

Suite : The SQL repository

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