Organize the TOC

- Thanks to the table of contents you have the possibility of making visible or invisible a layer in the map. For that purpose, mark or uncheck the compartment situated to the left of the layer.

- To change the name of the layer, make a double-click on the layer. The window of text becomes active - > change the name and type "Entrer".

- If you wish to change the order of appearance of your layers, select in one and made one drag & drop down upward or downward (according to your wishes)...

- Several features are accessible via a right-click:

       - Edit legend : To change the appearance of the layer or to make a thematic analysis

       - Show in table (presented here)

       - Create datasource from selection : Generate a new layer from selected objects (remark: this option appears only if you selected at least an object)

       - Export : Save the layer in a file (e.g : a shape file)

       - Processing : Present various tools of treatments in functions of the type of layer

       - Remove layer : Remove the layer from the TOC

       - Group layers  : To group together layers (e.g: a set of rasters which have the same theme)

       - Start edition : To edit a layer (e.g: add a field, delete an object, ...)

       - Zoom to layer : Extended zoom on the layer

       - Zoom to selected : Extended zoom on select object(s) (remark : this option appears only if you selected at least an object)

Suite : Layer's attributes

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