Operation on a row

When you select a row (click on the row of the field -> it becomes blue) and when you make a right-click, you have a set of functionalities :

- Select rows with the same value : explain below

- Select all rows

- Clear selection : unselect all the rows

- Move selection up : change the order of the row (at the first place)

- Remove selected row : delete the selected row (Remark :  Only when Edition is started)

- Zoom to selection : zoom to the selected row

- Zoom to layer : zoom to the layer

- New row : add a row -> a window appears and allows you to introduce row values (Remark :  Only when Edition is started)

- Set to null : delete values in the row (Remark :  Only when Edition is started)

In the Table, when you select a row, a toolbar appears in the menu bar:

undo the action

Delet the selected object

Move selection up

Add a new row

Create new layer from the selection *

Unselect object

* When a row is selected, with this tool, a new layer (GDMS) is created and added in the Geocatalog. Then you can drag & drop it in the TOC.

Use the "Select rows with the same value" tool

This function is like a filter.

For example we want to select all the department which are in the "PROVENCE-ALPES-COTE-D'AZUR" region.

1- select a row where the "NOM_REGION" is "PROVENCE-ALPES-COTE-D'AZUR"

2- click on the field "NOM_REGION"

3- right-click and "Select rows with the same value" -> All the rows with NOM_REGION = "PROVENCE-ALPES-COTE-D'AZUR" are selected, and you can show it in the map

Suite : Modify values

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