Filters and labels

In the Geocatalog you can organize the files by two ways: the Filters and the Labels. (You have these tools by clicking in the green arrows button).

       1- The filters : by clicking in a type of file you can filter your layers

       2- The Labels : it runs like a folder. Instead of moving your layers to different folders, you can apply Labels to your layers (for example : roads, rivers, ...)

To apply a label, you must first create an item:

1- click on the «"+"» button

2- an input panel appears and you can write the name of your label        (Click on "OK" to validate)

3- Then select your layer and right-click -> Tag -> The name of your label (here "Limites")

4- Now if you select the labels "Limites", only the tagged layer appears in the Geocatalog


Remarks :

       - Note that a layer can have many labels and that different types of layers can have the same label.

       - To remove a label of a layer, right-click on the layer -> Tag -> unchecked the label which you want to remove.

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