To facilitate the navigation, the user can create Geomarks.

A geomark is the recording of a localization on a map. According to Esri " one Geomark identifies a particular geographical localization, which you wish to save and to reuse later ".

To create a geomark, make a zoom on the zone which interests you in the map. Then in the Geomarks's window, register the name of your geomark and type "Entrer" to add geomark in the list.

To test that it works well, make an extended zoom and then make a double-click on your geomark -> you find your localization.

Remarks :        

       - To see the Geomarks's window, go in "View" (in the menu bar)

       - At the moment, geomarks are not saved in your workspace. This problem will be resolved as soon as possible.

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